Matt & Nat's wheelie big adventure!

Allez les bleus

Jacques (20 years on the road) & Regis
The wound in my knee is now infected and I’m back on antibiotics. We’ve just booked our room at the hostel for another week. Yawn! Two French cyclists are here for a couple of nights – the first long-distance tourers we’ve met in Africa. One of them has been cycling round and round the world non-stop for 20 years! I [...]

African Queen

We went on a charity cruise on the Zambezi today. It was an annual fundraiser for a local home for sexually abused girls – the youngest girl they have is only 3 years old… We ate fried rice and drank beer and watched the hippos and bought crafts that the girls had made.

A stitch in time

My knee is slowly (painfully) healing, though the cut is deep and still bleeding and I have limited movement. I had the stitches removed a couple of days ago and the doctor is happy enough with the progress. Thanks for all the emails and messages of support. We’re staying at a great hostel near Victoria Falls with lots of chill-out areas with [...]

An angel called Gabriel

The amount of wildlife around here is incredible – as we rode through Kasane at dawn yesterday we passed elephants, hippo, baboon and antelope, all in the town. We took a ferry to cross the Chobe and Zambezi rivers, at the point where Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia all meet. I thought the elephants, speeding taxis and huge truck [...]

King of the jungle

We went on an excellent game drive in Chobe today and saw lions with cubs, leopard, buffalo, hyena, zebra, giraffe, sable, eland, mongoose and hundreds of elephants. When we got back to the lodge, we found that monkeys had ripped a couple of big holes on the top of our tent. While we were lounging up at the lodge bar yesterday, monkeys had go [...]

Land of giants

This croc is about 2 metres from our tent! Apparently there will be lots more around tonight - I am not getting out of the tent until morning!
We had an excellent day today. We woke to the sound of hippos in the Zambezi and cycled 75km with NO headwind – the first time in over a month, hurrah. We were so fast that we reached the Botswana border by lunchtime. The border had elephants and eland everywhere, it was brilliant to ride through. Then we reached Chobe National Park, wh [...]

The mighty Zambezi

Sign just next to our tent
We are having a day off (at another luxury resort), camping under a mango tree on the Zambezi River, from where we can see hippos splashing and grunting in the water and Zambian fishermen in dug-out canoes. Tomorrow is our last day in Namibia. There is no longer clean municipal drinking water and we don’t fancy drinking the water straight fro [...]

Caprivi Strip

The strange-shaped Caprivi Strip was once swapped from the British to the Germans in exchange for Zanzibar, and is now mostly National Park. Cyclists are apparently not allowed to ride the 200km road through the Bwabwena National Park on the Strip, but the army checkpoint was temporarily unmanned as we passed (we could see them busy out the b [...]

Riverside retreats

Watching the hippos in the distance
We rode for a couple of days along the Okavango River, passing impoverished mud hut villages all day and camping at lovely lodges at night. A great dane peed on the tent one night, so we’re hoping that will discourage the cats from leaving their mark – what we really need is lion pee. It is 35 degrees every day but one advantage of the [...]

Racing to Rundu

This campsite had a groovy bar & pool & a candle-lit buffet where we totally overate.
We’ve been riding some big days on quiet roads this week, in order to reach the excellent safari lodge campsites each evening. We’re up at 5.30am and ride into the wind until 4-5pm and three of the last five days were over 100km. We broke another of our records today – longest time in the saddle – when we rode for over [...]

Gone with the wind

We’re struggling to stay motivated with day after day of relentless headwinds. We camped at a farm where these kids were riding on the zebras Roadside rest stop. Another lovely sunset.

Midnight at the oasis

The past 4 days in Etosha have been fantastic. We saw a leopard, a cheetah, about 10 black rhino, elephants, hyena, honey badgers, giraffe, zebra, ostrich, wildebeest, mongoose and antelopes. We also saw our first Ebola warning/info poster. Female eland Mud bath Black rhino Hyena Cheetah The Etosha pan