Matt & Nat's wheelie big adventure!

Over the Aswan Dam


Huwa means wind in Arabic and there has been plenty of it. We just rode through the desert for three long tiring days into a strong constant headwind. Whenever we stopped to rest at the side of the road, a driver would pull over to check if we were okay and if we needed anything, […]

Temples of Abu Simbel

Love the beard

We’ve been happily stuck in the quiet friendly Nubian town of Abu Simbel for a couple of days, waiting for strong northerly dust storms to subside. We appear to be the only tourists in town and there are many abandoned and closed tourist hotels and cafes around. Egypt’s tourism industry has been pretty hard hit […]

Lower Nubia


It took several hours to cross the newly opened border crossing between Sudan and Egypt, despite being the only people being processed: bags were searched and x-rayed, yellow fever certificates were shown, Sudan police registration fees were paid (we were pardoned the late fine), tea was drank, money was changed, ebola tests were passed, passports […]

Kingdom of Kush


We followed the Nile from the relaxed little town of Dongola, famous for its palm groves, to Wadi Halfa in the far north of Sudan. This stretch of the river has hundreds of historic sights such as Ottoman forts, Kingdom of Kush temples and carvings from the Pharaoh who built Luxor (admittedly we didn’t actually […]

The deserts of Sudan

Wondering if I can go on...

We left Khartoum before dawn, crossing the Nile as the sun rose. The city is huge but traffic was remarkably considerate of us, and we rode out to a chorus of “welcome” and “good ride”, our panniers stuffed with food, water and loo roll. The Sudanese are just lovely, giving us thumbs up and waves all […]


Awesome Lebanese restaurant

Cycling across sprawling, low-built Khartoum during Friday prayers was brilliant timing as the streets were deserted, although we then had to wait a couple of hours for the restaurants to reopen to get a bite to eat. Khartoum is located where the Blue Nile and the White Nile merge to form the Nile and we’ve […]

Muslim hospitality

We've seen hundreds and hundreds of camels - Sudan has the largest population of camels int he world

We have descended almost 2000m onto the hot desert plains of Sudan. Although the riding is very tough, we are thoroughly enjoying Sudan as the people could not be more kind, friendly and welcoming. We’ve been invited for meals and to stay in people’s homes and Matt has even been offered a Sudanese wife. We […]

Sticks and stones

Great spot for honey and break for breakfast

On our final morning in Ethiopia I was doing 45km/hr downhill when an older boy suddenly threw a rock at close range at my stomach, leaving a bleeding cut! Beautiful scenery though…

Get well soon Jacques

Jacques (L), us and Regis (R) down in Zambia

We are in regular contact with three other single cyclists who are all heading north. Regis (French) is just ahead and Jacques (French) and Anselm (German) are behind. We’ve all met up in various countries and share advice and encouragement all the time. We’ve just heard the awful news that our friend Jacques had a […]

Taking a gander at Gonder

All the TDA gear is carried in trucks. They even have an x-ray machine.

We’ve been (mostly) pleasantly delayed in historic Gonder. The first night we were invited to a wedding at our hotel and drank delicious Tej (honey wine). The next night Matt spent more time in the bathroom than in bed with an upset stomach after eating dodgy meat. Last night the Tour D’Afrique riders rolled into […]

Taste of Addis

We popped in to ask about visa requirements. "Inshalla" it will take 24 hours to process.

We’ve got our Egypt visas, and collect our Sudan 15-day transit visas this afternoon. We’ve had a great time here, going to the Taste of Addis food/music festival, visiting the Ethnological Museum in Haile Selassie’s former palace, and trying lots of different restaurants. Our Ethiopian visas will expire before we can ride 900km to the […]

Fun with feranji

Rooftop sunset beers with new friends.

We’ve been having a great time hanging out with other foreigners in Addis: a Brisbane dentist who has visited 40 countries in the past 10 months; an English couple about to drive their land rover from Kenya to Cape Town; a BBC/Al-Jazeera documentary maker. We’ve explored some of the city and are developing an appreciation of […]