Matt & Nat's wheelie big adventure!

Home sweet home

Brighton pier

One year and almost 13,000km after leaving Cape Town, we cycled up to our front door in London yesterday. I’m too tired to think at the moment – we got up at dawn as usual today, but the sun rose at 4.30am, yawn… X

Champagne on the brain

All the big champagne houses are on a very grand street

We found wifi at long last… We’ve been riding along peaceful French canals in the sunshine and spent a few days cruising around the hilly Champagne region, through prestigious vineyards and stylish towns. We saw hedgehogs, otters, pheasants and deer. Yesterday we rode right across central Paris and we’re now riding along the Seine on the […]

Awesome Alsace

There are hundreds of lovely old wooden bridges across the river

After several very wet and windy days we have cycled down the beautiful meandering Rhine from Germany to Switzerland to Germany to Shitzerland (expensive, always raining, unfriendly cyclists) to France. Then the sun came out and we cycled from France to Germany to France (there was no campsite on the French side of the river). […]

Back with the Barbers

Lovely Chris and Janet seeing us off with panniers stuffed with food

We are at the source of the Danube in south-west Germany. Every day in the past fortnight has been strong headwinds and/or heavy rain, so we were very happy to take a couple of days off to stay in Ulm with our dear family friends, the Barbers, where we were very well fed and entertained.

Climb every mountain


Going over the Alps was supposed to be easy: late spring sunshine and cycle paths through alpine meadows….not the unseasonable snow, rain and raging headwinds we’ve experienced. We’ve climbed over the 1500m Reschen Pass and 1300m Fern Pass in Austria in the last two days. There was a bitterly strong headwind on the first pass […]

Snow joke

Looks idyllic - in fact there was a raging headwind

We’re up with the big boys now, near the Austrian and Swiss borders, with 3,000m to 4,000m peaks all around. There has been more rain and even some snow and a strong headwind all day. It was snowing as we arrived at the campsite, so we headed over the road to stay at the 200 […]

Via Claudia Augusta

Love a well signposted cycle route

We’re riding the 700km Via Claudia Augusta cycle path, which is on an ancient Roman road from the Po River in Italy, over the Austria Alps and into Germany. We’ve been slowly gaining altitude and are now in the South Tyrol region of the Dolomites. It has been raining constantly for the past two days […]

Fair Verona

View from the campsite

Is Verona the most beautiful city in Europe? It gets my vote. We’ve finally found a place we want to live (a constant topic of conversation on this trip). It is a stunning historic city, with excellent shops and restaurants, surrounded by vineyards dating back to Roman times and the Alps are just up the […]

The Po Delta

My new favourite city - Ferrara

We just had a couple of days of easy flat riding on the fertile plains of the Po River, and stayed in the splendid renaissance city of Ferrara. It is the self-styled cycling capital of Italy but there is no lycra in sight – the incredibly chic locals are more likely to wear an Armani […]

Schlong week off

Old marines

I’ve been alone in the UNESCO world heritage city of Ravenna all week – Matt flew back to London for a job interview – shit just got real! I’ve spent the gloriously sunny days visiting the famous early Christian and Byzantine colourful mosaics in the Basilicas, reading books in beautiful parks and of course enjoying […]

Alea iacta est

Ready for summer. Miles and miles and miles of beach like this.

We’ve been riding for days mostly along cycle paths on an overdeveloped strip of sand on the Riviera del Sole. We’re now camping just north of Rimini, one of the top clubbing venues in the country. Needless to say, we’ll be retiring to the tent at sunset as usual, which is now at 8.30pm. Today […]


You can just about see a cyclist on the other side of the road. Luckily the Italian are courteous to cyclists and generally give us a lot of room.

We’re riding on some excellent cycle paths right on the coast, past heavily developed Adriatic resort towns. There are huge numbers of Italian cyclists in lycra buzzing around. There are also huge numbers of campsites, but we haven’t been too impressed as they are expensive and hot showers cost extra and loo roll isn’t even provided. However, […]