Matt & Nat's wheelie big adventure!


After an 18 day wait for an ‘express 2-to-4 day tracked/signed courier’ delivery of our passports, we are not impressed with Australia Post, who have finally apologised and admitted that despite our regular enquiries and their assurances that a thorough investigation was underway, they made no attempt whatsoever to locate the miss [...]

Australia Post Crawl Centre

Still no post from Australia… Our backpackers hostel is in a house that was originally built by the British in 1930, surrounded by varieties of tall palm trees, on a hill above the town. The staff here all work 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week, with just 3 days off per month. They told us that they have to work when they are sick or they will [...]

Latitude zero

Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 13.10.57
We are still on the equator in Entebbe and an enquiry has been opened into our missing post. Although Australia post delivers in “2 to 4 business days”, the package arrived 6 days ago in the “destination country UK”! (Thanks to my folks for all the chasing-up you’re doing) We’re staying at a friendly backpackers with hot water showers and fre [...]

A night at the zoo

All the chimps had been caught in snares
We just spent a day and night at the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre, a world-renown refuge that looks after animals that have been injured or rescued from poachers/traffickers. A baby elephant recently arrived at the Centre, as its mother was shot by poachers in a nearby national park, and it escaped this morning and was running all over th [...]

Happy birthday Captain Matty

G&Ts before a slap up feed of lasagne
I treated myself, I mean Matt, to a night in a luxury boutique B&B on the equator for his birthday. It was awesome – bubble bath, four-poster bed, gin & tonics, lasagne, bottle of pinotage, chocolate cake. Gorgeous room in 1940’s building Private balcony Not only the first wash with hot water in a MONTH, but my first bath [...]

Ssailing to Ssese

I stopped to let this car squeeze past and it drove straight into my bike. I gave him an earful. Ugandan drivers are some of the worst in the world..
The free ferry to the Ssese Islands in northwest Lake Victoria was delayed by several hours (of course!), so we hired a small boat to take us over, as we needed to push on before the afternoon rains arrived. The daily rains are torrential and turn the tarmac roads into rivers and the dirt roads into thick mud. The lush, tropical islands have [...]

Up into Uganda

There are lots of huge, stunning birds around Lake Victoria
We’ve been riding in rainy Uganda for the past couple of days, through villages growing coffee, bananas, pineapple and passion fruit – all tasty roadside snacks. The people are pretty excitable when they see us and the drivers are speeding maniacs. We’ve decided not to join the notoriously unsafe road from Masaka into Kampala (it [...]

Rains down in Africa

Lion warning signs, eek!
Yesterday we rode for 50km through Biharamulo Game Reserve, which has lions, elephants, giraffes, etc. I was pretty nervous about the lions, but then it poured with rain all day and all we saw were baboons, birds and a huge puff adder. Because of some bandit attacks in this area a few years ago by Rwandans wanted for genocide crimes, security [...]

Riding the Rift Valley

The end of the dirt road, taken from outside our guest house.
The rainy season is here and the dirt road north of Kigoma is thick mud. While we were glad we didn’t have to attempt to cycle through the mud, our bus got stuck in a ditch for a while, and then the road was blocked by a lorry stuck in the mud for two hours, then another lorry for an hour. Today we were back on the bikes and the tarmac, [...]

Great Lakes region

We are a couple of kilometres from the site of the meeting on Lake Tanganyika in 1871 when Henry Stanley found Dr David Livingstone and said “Dr. Livingstone, I presume?”. We’re also next to Gombe chimpanzee sanctuary, where Jane Goodall was based, but have decided not to visit as it sounds rather sad – the 100 remaining chimps are in a [...]

MV Liemba

We took the famous MV Liemba ship up Lake Tanganyika from Kasanga to Kigoma, as there is no passable road along the lake. It is the world’s oldest passenger ship on the world’s longest (400 miles), second-deepest (6 miles deep!) and second-largest freshwater lake. The Liemba was build in 1913 as a German armed troops carrier and has been taki [...]

Shortcut 100

We are really enjoying riding in remote south-western Tanzania. It’s extremely hilly, but there is almost no traffic. The locals are lovely, giving us a thumbs-up and calling out “good morning” all day long. We’ve even been given free tea and mandazi’s (deep fried dough) in the villages. Lots of kids get scared and run away as fast as they ca [...]