Matt & Nat's wheelie big adventure!

The Namib Desert

Today we hitchhiked deeper into the Namib desert (no bikes are allowed in the National Park) and spent the day hiking through the red dunes, which form a 32,000-sq-km sea of sand. This is one of the oldest and driest ecosystems on earth.

IMG_6306 IMG_6317 IMG_6324 IMG_6327 IMG_6332 IMG_6347 IMG_6360 IMG_6377 IMG_6391 IMG_6414


  1. Terry and Yvonne Terry and Yvonne
    10 August 2014    

    Brilliant photos.

  2. Jeff Jeff
    11 August 2014    

    amazing sand dunes – sheltering sky country…..

  3. Isobel Isobel
    11 August 2014    

    fabulous photos. i hope you didn’t get lost because it all looks the same did the lions chase you especially matt. hey uncle muncle stay close to nat one of the pictures look fake. Have you gotton any mosquito bites is it boiling there? are there beautiful creatures ,critters plants please reply

    love ISOBEL

    • Nat Nat
      11 August 2014    

      Hi Izzy! You’re right, it does all look the same. No lions yet but Uncle Muncle needs to ride closer and stop going miles ahead. It’s very hot in the day and very cold in the night. The mosquitos are bitting, yuk. Hope you’re well and school is okay. Say hi to your mum & big sis from us. Lots of love xxx

  4. Nick Bloom Nick Bloom
    11 August 2014    

    Ergo, its Ego on the Erg.
    Hope the sand isn’t penetrating all those nooks and crannies that don’t need sand.
    Maybe it’s time to hire a golf buggy for the trickier parts of this trip?
    And if you have to fall may you always fall onto something soft and forgiving.
    Nick B

    • Nat Nat
      12 August 2014    

      Nick, we’ve got sand EVERYWHERE! Only 250km of sandy roads to go until tarmac 🙂

  5. Nick Bloom Nick Bloom
    12 August 2014    

    OOOOOOH! Scratchy!

  6. Alice Alice
    22 August 2014    

    loving the pics – you’re going to have to do an exhibition when you get back to London

    • Nat Nat
      22 August 2014    

      As if! Matt says the pics aren’t even good enough for our walls.

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