Matt & Nat's wheelie big adventure!

Stuck in Swakop

After riding almost 1000km on dirt roads, we’ve finally made it to some tarmac, but we can’t cycle anywhere just yet as our bikes and gear are battered after the past few weeks: Matt’s chain has rusted up and just snapped off; both of my gear cables snapped in the last couple of days; Matt’s rear derailleur has just broken; the main zip on our tent has broken; both travel adapters have broken; both sleeping mats have just broken (we only bought one spare and we can’t buy replacement lightweight mats in Namibia or anywhere else in Africa we intend to travel). An entire bottle of meths (used for priming the stove) spilled into one of my panniers, and a tub of peanut butter smashed open into Matt’s bag.

Swakopmund is a nice enough place to be “stuck” while we fix everything – a small touristy town on the Atlantic coast full of German architecture and German bakeries.IMG_6427


  1. Nico Nico
    18 August 2014    

    Oh no, that doesn’t sound fun! Hope you have enough movies and stuff to keep you going… and can actually get all the bike stuff fixed alright.

    • Nat Nat
      19 August 2014    

      As you can imagine, we have LOTS of movies. We’re camping at a backpackers with a flat screen TV in the lounge, so we’re plugging our usb in and are hosting movie nights!

  2. Anna Anna
    19 August 2014    

    This is like a pessimist’s list of things that could possibly go wrong (but did!). I hope that this does not deter you in any way.
    Being stuck in a place with German bakeries doesn’t sound too bad though.
    Stiff upper and all that.

    • Nat Nat
      19 August 2014    

      We’re a bit shocked that so much has broken – it’s pretty funny, and to be expected in Africa, especially as our gear is no longer new.
      There’s a guesthouse here called Hotel Weise… X

  3. Nicola Thwaite Nicola Thwaite
    19 August 2014    

    Oh no. What a disaster. At least they’ve all gone wrong at once. Hope you manage to get on the road again soon. If not, just fly home. We’d love to see you!! xxxx

    • Nat Nat
      19 August 2014    

      Yes it is kind of good timing. No time to fly home – you’ll have to come & visit us. Good luck with your house exchange! X

  4. Nick Bloom Nick Bloom
    19 August 2014    

    Sounds like a bucketful of bad luck you’ve had visited upon you. Praying to the wrong Gods obviously! Things can of course only get better so pay up, lay up and smile. Looking forward to better news soon.

    • Nat Nat
      20 August 2014    

      The only good luck is that all the bad luck happened at once. Nearly fixed now & we’re itching to get going again.

  5. 21 August 2014    

    Lucky you made it to Swakop!
    Would be worse middle in the desert, so go to the beach and have a swim or enjoy sunset at the getty.
    Swakop is quite a nice place, I like it much.

    • Nat Nat
      21 August 2014    

      Yes, we’re really lucky we managed to limp into Swakop to get everything fixed, it has worked out well. No swimming in the atlantic in winter, but we have enjoyed walks along the shore, lovely spot.

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